About Follow…

Discipleship is a key focus in the Doxa Deo Family. Knowing God, Loving People and Impacting my World are the primary elements of this journey of raising City Changers.

After accepting Christ’s invitation, we need to GROW – First steps with Jesus and FOLLOW – Daily steps with Jesus.

This journey of following Jesus is built on two very important realities: the first is the finished work of Jesus. Through His successful and victorious work on the cross, He made it possible for us to experience new life – we have nothing to add to this; He did it for us and He’s doing it in us!

Secondly, we now respond to this amazing reality by aligning our everyday living to this new life we received. In this series we will focus on the daily habits that are life-giving, that will establish us in this new life – Surrender, Belong, Devote, Guide, Cultivate and Turn.

We will walk with God and work with God to see these habits formed in our daily living.

Jesus is not just our saviour; He is our Lord. In faith we surrender to His loving rule in every aspect of life. We discover the importance of His family, His Body or church. Because we live in His presence, we root ourselves in His Word and in prayer. The guidance of His Spirit becomes part of every decision we make, every moment of every day. We experienced the generosity of the Father in His new kingdom and now we also live generously. His new life is now the reference of who are and we turn to that in every temptation or challenge and live in His victory.

May your relationship with Jesus grow even more as you live this amazing new life He gave us. He is our life! Boldly take daily steps with Jesus…